About the Student Review



The Student Review is an independent student newspaper. This means that we are not officially connected to Brigham Young University or any other organization besides our own.


Starting in the late 1980’s, The Student Review was created by a group of students as a news outlet in contrast to the university’s The Daily Universe. The realization was that there are many talented students who want to be heard, but who operate outside the journalism program on campus. After an extended hiatus, the Student Review was reborn in 2011, but continues to offer a voice to any student regardless of their opinions or academic choices. We strive for quality writing and applicable reporting that focus on a wide range of concerns and interests of students at BYU.


We are not for profit and everything we produce is the direct result of a collaborated effort from dedicated BYU students who volunteer their time and energy to this paper.


If you would like to participate or learn more, please contact us by email.