Chain email calls for Romney fast

Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 9:52 PM
Subject: Fwd: Sunday Sept. 30
Hey guys,
I have had very similar feelings as this couple have felt of wanting to help make a difference, but feeling inadequate and unable to do so. First, I do not know all of your personal political beliefs and I do not aim to offend anyone nor stir up a debate or argument. I cannot tell you how scared I am for the future of our country and the fact that I am graduating this year and that this is my first opportunity to vote I feel it is my duty to learn and do all I can in order to be best prepared for the coming election. The last four years have been stressful, unpredictable, and quite disappointing with less jobs, less money, more debt, and less national security. What I do know is that Mitt Romney is a worthy priesthood-holding leader who has the potential to do a lot of good for our country. I know the Lord takes worthy men and makes them qualified for miraculous experiences. Quite frankly, we are all in in dire need of a miracle in this country. Mitt has made opportunities for many companies and projects that have benefitted hundreds of thousands of people. Anyways, time to get off my soapbox and hope you have a wonderful week.
Name omitted
P.S. Feel free to pass the idea on.
Begin forwarded message:
From: Name Omitted
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 1:11 PM
Subject: FW: Sunday Sept. 30
and those with access, add his name to the Temple Prayer List……Love you all…….
Subject: Sunday Sept. 30
Good Idea, can’t help but make a difference. HD

Dear friends and family,

I have been extremely frustrated with how things are going in our country.  A lot of my frustration is because I feel I don’t know what to do to really make a change.  Well, this time I do. I am asking you to join me and my family on  Sunday Sept. 30 by fasting and praying for Mitt Romney.  That he will be blessed in the debates, which will be held Oct. 3rd.  I know that seems like such a small thing but I believe “from small things, great things can come about”.   I know that fasting and praying brings about miracles.  I also know of no power greater that our Father in Heaven.   He loves this land and has blessed it many times before. . . with all our fasting and prayers their will be a great power and protection upon us and this great nation.  Please send this to all who you know that may have the faith to pray for the help we so desperately need at this time.  Please let this wave of faith move through out this great nation.

Thank you,

 Name omitted



  1. Sabrina /

    This is completely ridiculous! You don’t vote for a President based on the fact that he is a priesthood-holder. The LDS Church has a politically neutral policy need I remind people. Also, instead of fasting for a nominee, why not fast for our current leaders?

    • Thanks Sabrina and Ryan. I completely agree.

    • good point.

    • You can do so, that is why we have free agency Sabrina to fast for whoever we like, who are you to tell/remind people how to fast? Hmmmmm….maybe we should leave it up to each individual person to choose how they will fast, vote, etc.

    • Yes! Yes! Fast for the current leaders to get out, and better leaders to get in! That’s right. Keep fasting for everybody and everything you can. It’s better to put God on your side than to assume that we don’t need him for future leaders. We have already seen the damage of the current leadership. Fasting for them is now a 3 year old wish. Fasting for the future of America and new leadership is prudent, don’t you think? After all, if you were an employee in any company and you spent 3 years working and turned out bad product, bad policy, more expensive costs and NO profits, you would get fired. It’s time to fast for new leadership and fast that the old guys get out.

  2. Dear fasting friend,

    You assume that if we fast then God will bless Mitt Romney to win. Who are you to say that it’s God’s will that Mitt Romney wins? I’ve been an active member my entire life and I can’t support Mitt Romney with a good conscience. Just because he is a member of our church does not mean all of his policies are correct or even moral.

    Instead of fasting for a Mitt Romney win, why don’t we fast for something that God might actually grant- like peace between Iran and Israel or a recovery in our economy. Don’t waste a fast on a political candidate, I’m pretty sure God (like the church) is pretty neutral on this.

  3. If Mitt Romney was a Jew, you might not see this email going around. If Barack Obama was a Mormon, I wonder if we’d see the same thing for him?

    As a Mormon American (and moderate conservative), I believe the leader who needs our prayers most is President Obama, because he’s the one actually leading our nation.

  4. Jasony Kanoli /

    I agree with all above comments. It’s people like the OP that give Mormons, and Christians in general, a bad name.

  5. I wonder how this would be different if we had a LDS Democrat running for the President’s office.

  6. I’m LDS. I’m going to fast and pray that President Obama gets reelected. Regardless of whether Romney holds the priesthood, based on what I’ve seen I think he does and says whatever he needs to do and say to get elected. I think he cares far, far more about his money and his ego than he does about people. Honestly, if he does win, I don’t think it will reflect well on the LDS church or its members.

    • Mormon Mom /

      Thank you! I have been very uncomfortable with much of his behavior during the election this time.

      One of my biggest problems though as an LDS mother of young children is the personal position he has taken on keeping alcohol in his home to serve to guests. I first came across this in a Time article in 2008 during the primary, and have come across other references since. If he becomes president and openly serves alcohol at White House events for the next four years you know the press will jump on it and when he comes up for reelection in four years my oldest will be about to turn 12 and I can hear the direction of the peer pressure now. “Well the President is Mormon too and he serves alcohol in the White House, so that means it’s okay for you to drink too!”

      I would not be comfortable presenting this interpretation of the Word of Wisdom myself, but I do believe it’s between him and his priesthood leaders until he puts himself under the microscope of the Presidency presenting himself as a good Mormon. It’s not the portrayal of my beliefs that I want out there, and it makes me very uncomfortable.

      Well, there’s my personal rant. Good luck with the fasting no matter how you choose to fast or pray for benefit of our nation.

      • Cherilyn Eagar /

        Now there’s an idea for reducing the budget – cut the alcohol at White House-sponsored events!

  7. Mormon princess /

    This is just embarrassing. As a Mormon that is all I will say.

  8. The Lord DOES care about who leads our country, He just doesn’t care what party they are from. Only we look at party, whereas the Lord looks on the heart.

    As for our current candidates, I don’t think Romney is any worse than President Obama in saying what he needs to say to get elected. If I was to hold President Obama to the same standard some hold Romney in determining his character, President Obama wouldn’t pass the test, either. President Obama has said many things which are just as damaging to one’s character as it could be said of Mitt Romney. I was just as offended in 2010 when President Obama referred to Republicans and those who disagree with him as his “enemies” as I was at Mitt’s 47% comment.

  9. Elizabeth Burns /

    A consequence whoever first came up with this didn’t apparently think of: What if God doesn’t want Romney to be elected, and he doesn’t, but everyone knows that some LDS people were fasting and praying for it to happen. I can hear them now, saying “Look where your faith got you!” It would reflect badly on the people of this church.

  10. I am curious. Do any Mormons know anyone who IS fasting for Mitt?

  11. I read about this Mormon campaign asking members to fast for a Romney resurgence in the polls on Huffington Post. As an LDS member, I just had to see what this was all about.
    I have to say that this bothers me. I understand that the majority of Utah Mormons would like to see a Mormon POTUS — myself included. I was hopeful that that candidate would be Mitt Romney. That was until I got to know him more, listened to his ever changing views on just about any issue. Until I saw him lie about one thing after another. I became disheartened at first. But now I’m just disgusted and ashamed for him. After watching his campaign, it became clear that I do not want this man to be my President. And personally, I wouldn’t even want him to be my bishop!
    I will fast and pray for President Obama. He is our President. And I strongly believe he needs our prayers and our Heavenly Father’s blessing in these challenging days more than Mitt does in his floundering campaign.

  12. The problem with this fasting idea is that these individuals are fasting for “Mitt Romney.” I personally support Mitt Romney, and I am a republican, but I think people are forgetting that God is ‘no respecter of persons.’ His will is to build up the kingdom of God, not to win an election.

    With that said, I do think we are able to pray/fast for God’s strength in our lives and the lives of others (or in this situation, those who are involved with an election).

    Instead of praying that Mitt Romney (or Obama) wins, I think its more appropriate to pray or fast that, if a candidate has a ‘pure heart’, he will be ‘inspired’ to know what to say in the debates or that his team will receive the ‘knowledge’ necessary to run an effective campaign.

    We can pray/fast to receive the power of discernment and knowledge that will help us select the person who closely reflects our values. While I do believe people are FREE to pray and fast however they like, I personally feel this is a more effective approach.

  13. Wow, CNN links to this site as a sample of LDS reaction to an email and there are only 12 comments? Well, now there are 13. Go Romney – Ryan!

  14. James 4:3 /

    D & C 104:16-18

  15. B Claggett /

    Whatever you fast and pray for, don’t you usually append it with “If it be thy will”? Whatever we might think we want, God remains in charge, and will answer our prayers according to what we need. Pray for whomever you choose, and know that God answers it in his own fashion.

  16. As a Small business owner, I have the obligation to make sure the people that work for me can support their families. I believe that another four years with this administration would be devastating for business owners and their employees. Fasting and praying is very personal; and what they fast and pray for should be kept that way. Asking people to fast and pray is fine! But ultimately it up to us. I believe Romney to be a good leader. My opinion. ;)

  17. Reasonandlogic /

    Maybe if you all did some actual un biased research you would feel differently about who you are voting for!


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